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This week we learn more about ROI on your content

This week I'm reflecting on a few situations that happened simply because I put myself out there... And how this led to more opportunities and a couple of closed deals.

TLDR: Here are the takeaways.

1) Understanding when you’re not able to stand out.

2) Be magnetic. Find your style and double down.

3) Sometimes our brains tell us how to disqualify, rather than qualify.

1) Understanding when you’re not able to stand out.

As an agency owner, I receive 50 (on average) cold offers for lead generation each week. Yes, about 10 per day in my inbox (LinkedIn is even worse). To make their numbers work, they would have to reach out to 500 or so service providers, like me, each week to build a good business... That's probably giving them 1-3 new clients per week. Our offering as an Agency isn't so unique that we would be able to work with these folks unless they had one heck of an offer with a unique process.

I've learned in competitive industries, the smaller budgets typically lose in the short term and long term for advertising. Whether it's a bidding war for PPC or a fight for attention on social, it's a short-term game that leaves the most budget or impressions to win. But, even if you put your eggs in that basket, you're not building enough brand equity for the momentum to continue. Stop spending and you're back to square one.

Knowing that you can stay away from particular tactics is very worthwhile.

I've heard that other agencies get zero leads from their websites. And it's because they invest in advertising and cold outreach.

We've focused on content, SEO, and building relationships and it brings 1-2 leads per day, which means about 1-2 qualified opportunities per week.

2) Be magnetic. Find your style and double down.

Being able to work with good people is a challenge. Especially if you have a business that is designed to have clients for the long term. Yes, we take on projects, but most of our clients are MRR and the plan is to keep growing together.

The reason I think of this as being magnetic is that our best clients find us and we click almost immediately. I was told once about how in-sync Warbly Parker is from the text on their website and product pages to the language used by their call center reps... It's like you're talking to the person who just wrote the copy. Or you're reading something after the call and you can hear your CSR voice as you're scanning through.

That level of consistency is incredible, and you can do the same with the language in your email, website, and social reflecting conversations a client might have with you or your team.

Find this style and double down. Share more to attract the right people for your team and as new clients. It's amazing how well-being authentic works.

3) Sometimes our brains tell us how to disqualify, rather than qualify.

When you're thinking about something you want, it can be difficult to put your finger on it... Yet, it can be easy to filter out what you don't.

Use this philosophy to better build your ideal archetypes. Knowing the parameters you're not looking for can help create boundaries so you can define who you are looking for.

You can do this with your content by reminding your audience that they are "in the right place" or "a situation that would be perfect" as a way to build rapport and focus more on your specific target.

I often think of this similarity to commissioning art. If you think back to many great artists or iconic works, they had to first understand their canvas before creating. the Sistine Chapel would not be as impressive as a watercolor. Nor would the Mona Lisa command as much attention as a mural. Create those boundaries so you can create something magnificent.

I'll be back in your inbox next week.

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